Monday, June 20, 2011

The human emotional understanding center is located in the vagina...

***** says (1:00 PM):
i wish i knew what all the lyrics to Old Man by Neil Young mean. what do you think it is

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:00 PM):

***** says (1:00 PM):
did he run off with a girl when he was young then dropped them all and went home?

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:02 PM):
I think it means he's living the life his father lived and deep down he wishes that his father could see him and love him and accept him

***** says (1:02 PM):
i bet women dont appreciate this song

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:02 PM):
I bet you're wrong. We feel the same about our mother's. He's lost his connection to his dad. Maybe dad thinks hes wasting his life away. He's trying to say, "Dude, don't judge."

***** says (1:04 PM):
but he goes home alone

***** says (1:05 PM):
 k what about heart of gold ...

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:05 PM):
He dreams of finding that woman who can be his partner in paradise to fill the void. He won't find her because what he's really looking for is approval from his old man. Heart of gold is self explanatory. Next.

***** says (1:05 PM):
live alone in a paradise ....he's beat down and going home.

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:07 PM):
I think you're not understanding NY, because deep down NY is a woman

***** says (1:09 PM):
what? NY is not a woman!

***** says (1:10 PM):
 i just really wonder if it's his dad

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:10 PM):
I think it's his dad AND emotionally.. NY is a woman. He's got more estrogen and emotion rolling through his songs that a pack of menstruating hyenas

***** says (1:10 PM):
oh stop. you are so bogus

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:10 PM):
Bogus? Good word, Roget. You're mad because I'm right.

***** says (1:11 PM):

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:11 PM):

***** says (1:11 PM):
you put a gay spin on it. you should be on ILC. men on music. but i think the "two" you refer to are two separate women.

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:13 PM):
you think that he wants a 3some?

***** says (1:13 PM):
by 24 he went through two long and deep relationships

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:13 PM):
Now you're just making the song about you. Your first wife Whoever and now ****.

***** says (1:13 PM):
well i did not roll home

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:14 PM):
No, but you look at your father and how he's maintains that marriage with your mother and how you stay in yours.

***** says (1:14 PM):
First wife was christy

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:14 PM):
And you're a lot like him. Ah yes. Christy, like it matters. You stay married... a lot like him and just ignore the things you don't like then go find your joy elsewhere. There's never a confrontation. You'll stay married and miserable forever. It's your destiny! You are the super hero of sadness!

***** says (1:15 PM):
i am playing this because it's a great fathers day song and you ruined it.

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:15 PM):
Old Man is you and your dad. Sorry, you asked who the old man is and the old man is YOUR dad.

***** says (1:16 PM):

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:16 PM):
That's pretty f*cking Father's Day
***** says (1:16 PM):
 im talking about his frame of mind when he was writing it
 what he thinks about when he sings it

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:16 PM):
He thinks about your dad. They musta been friends

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:17 PM):
You are mad because I am right.. and funny.

***** says (1:20 PM):
anyways, you dont get it cuz you're a girl

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:21 PM):
No, you have trouble getting the meaning because you are a boy and you don't understand emotions. If you did, you'd have a vagina,but you don't. Everyone knows the emotional understanding center is located in the vagina the logic center is located in the prostate. Fair is fair. You can't have logic and emotion unless you're a hermaphrodite

***** says (1:22 PM):
pffffft. i have both

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:24 PM):
So you admit you're a hermaphrodite? It's still about you and your dad right?

***** says (1:25 PM):
Not completely.

Angie 2.0v3B *komen says (1:27 PM):
You're never going to grow a vagina at this rate.

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