Monday, May 30, 2011

Warning: You Are Entering A Diet Redirection Zone

After a weekend of stuffing my face with hmmm let's see: Breads, calamari, pasta, chicken (I am SO sorry I couldn't eat it all), eggs, more breads, potatoes, veal, cheese, preserved meats, etc., I am finding that it's time to get back to being reasonably food responsible. Beginning tomorrow I am going back to lean proteins, lots of greens, and only wheat breads. I managed to get some great food ideas over the weekend and I'm looking forward to trying my hand at a few things!

Posts for the next few days will most likely be wrought with carb restricted bitchiness as opposed to my standard bitchiness, which is pretty much just my personality. I've just finished some Maltesers to round out my dinner which included pasta salad so right now I'm just feeling jolly (fat) and relaxed. If you've got any burning questions for me drop me an email because I'm going to be real honest about how I feel and without the carbs to hide my feelings under you might get the bitter truth you seek! :)

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