Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Been Awhile

When in a relationship and getting plenty of lovin' I tend to be more demure than bawdy. I didn't really notice until today that the longer I go without sex the more I read perversion into every conversation I have or eavesdrop on. One of the guys in my office handles public safety technology and that sounds pretty dry and non-sexual doesn't it? Now consider the following conversation:
Sales Rep: I gotta tell ya, I've had plenty of departments just like yours. Just let me put my unit in your hands.

Customer: (inaudible)

Sales Rep: That's exactly what she told me at first too. Then I let her play with my unit and she said, "I've got to get that in here".

Customer: (inaudible)

Sales Rep: No, it's really solid. It can take a beating.

Sales Rep 2: That's what she said.

Me: Did he just say it can take a beating?

By the time the call was done I was giggling like a 12 year old. If that sounds immature to you, you should be glad you missed the laughter following one of our older office ladies yelling, "I don't like fat weiners".

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