Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Business Ideas 1

To Shannon:
I spent yesterday with my eyes swollen up again and a fever. WTF Is that about? Jacob was sent home yesterday too sick. Weird allergies or weather or something. All seems ok today so I’m back at work.

Maybe you and I should start a cleaning company? I like to clean other people’s houses and chances are ppl who could afford to hire us would be fairly clean anyway right? Then we could do all of our work during the week during the day (no nights or weekends).

We could call ourselves something like…
1.   Chicks with Brooms
2.   Two Girls, a Hoover, and a Dust Cloth
3.   Unmarried Women Who Clean Stuff Because They Aren’t Busy Having Hot Sex

Something catchy like that. J

From Shannon to Me:
I don’t really like to clean! I like #3!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Discussed this with my co-workers and we have come up with a couple more suggestions:
1. Bitches with Brooms
2. Dirty Bitch-Clean House

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