Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday- The day that joy forgot

Monday again... My standard game plan for Monday is to sit at my desk and then contemplate all of the different things I should or could be doing with my time that would be more enjoyable. Last week my daughter and I were talking about motivation and goals. I mentioned to her that if she finds her passion she should do whatever it takes to make that a part of her career. She said, "I just feel like there's something out there I could be doing that would make me happy, I would be good at it, and it would make me money. I just don't know what that is."

When she said that I blurted out, "I KNOW! ME TOO!" How sad I thought, that I am going to be 37 and she is 17 and we're in the same place. Today I think I could be a rock star, a cocktail waitress, an associate at a fitness center, working in a non-profit... I want to make a difference.

One of my best friends just took a major pay cut to work with handicapped adults in a care facility. She gets the occasional outburst from a resident or two. She's got some bruises to show for it. The thing is... she's finally happy. She says her days fly by and she enjoys the work. Now of course this is never what she intended to do with her life. Her degree is in hospitality and prior to this she had worked mostly in customer service or sales support roles. Before I ramble on too long about it my point is as follows: It's possible!

So what do I enjoy?
1. Making people smile
2. Flirting
3. Photography
4. Shopping
5. Travel
6. Naughty things I don't do because I am partnerless

I think I just identified part of the problem. The things I enjoy are enjoyed by nearly everyone on the planet. Way to narrow it down Ang... nice work. Ok back to staring into space. Ciao!

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